I don’t have it yet. In fact – I’d rather be sick with it than the alternative, “real-worlditis,” which all the other authors have got. But still, it seemed appropriate because, no matter what the “itis,” this blog will hopefully be the cure for what ails me.

At this point, I haven’t actually begun senior year. I’m actually in New York City, doing an unpaid internship. My girlfriend and I are living in a gorgeous apartment on the Upper West Side. Well, our room looks out onto a brick wall, and we are plagued by an on-again-off-again homicidal cat. But other than that, it’s great.

I’m an aspiring musician. But that’s not really who I am. Sometimes I think writing music is more of a chore than a joy. But others I feel like music is all there is. Anyway, no one is any one thing probably. If they were that would be really boring. Oh, and another thing, I always say “I’d rather be weird than boring”. That might be the single most important fact about who I am.

Or, for this blog’s purposes, that fact might be that I’m about to enter senior year of college, still finding my exit strategy, and  I’m really fucking scared.

    • nickyenperu
    • May 25th, 2010

    Thank god. I always think I am the only one who is scared of this shit. But I thought I was the only one who panicked the second the underclassmen left campus during senior week, and then around the dinner table at Cutter-Z everyone else admitted they felt the same way. You’re scared, but you’re in good company.

      • wwjaneaustendo
      • May 25th, 2010

      Me too Nicky! I thought I was the only one freaking out during senior week…but actually everyone was…which makes me weirdly happy : )

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